Nutella Pancakes!

Junk Food Junkie

“What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory.”

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That time of the day , when my throat refuses to swallow healthy food, and my taste buds are craving for something deliciously unhealthy , Betty Crocker and Nutella come to my rescue!

Pancakes are an all time favourite , but making them from scratch can be very tiring and the effort itself puts you off. Thanks to pan cake mix , it’s a hassle free 5 min job to make soft fluffy yummy pancakes.

Most people like to top up their pancakes with maple syrup or honey . For me , however, pancake isn’t a pancake without Nutella lathered over it. In fact I have probably never had a pancake otherwise. The smooth chocolaty spread with the subtle flavour of hazel nut , always works it’s magic on my pancakes.

Nutella is so close to my heart that it even makes me nostalgic at times. It reminds me of my college years ,when I used to drag all my friends to that one eatery in the entire town which had Nutella pancakes on it’s menu . I don’t remember reading beyond that ever !

I wonder who came up with the idea of this hazel nut and chocolate spread . I thank  that genius everyday for making my life sweet and Nutelli-cious.   🙂